3rd-5th Grade Supply List

Supply List 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade Classes
Nikolaevsk Elementary High School

• pencils, or mechanical pencils and lead, must be available throughout the year
• eraser(s) to last the year
• one, spiral bound notebook, for each subject that you have with me; wide rule recommended
• one, two-pocket folder, for each subject that you have with me
• ear buds that are netbook compatible
• flash drive recommended, if you are in my Reading, LA, Social Studies or Science Class
• ruler
• calculator recommended for Math Class
• a pair of non-marking gym shoes for PE
• clothes appropriate for PE
• scissors
• white glue
• crayons, colored pencils and/or wide-tipped markers
• water bottle
• two boxes of facial tissue
• a big smile and an eagerness to participate 🙂
• a desire to do your “personal best”

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